New Considerations for Industrial and Scientific Thermometry

What do you think about when considering the purchase of a thermometer for your industrial or scientific application? Some of the most common considerations are: Initial cost Measuring range Accuracy ASTM E-1 compliance Calibration and certification It’s time to get more creative with the process. Think about a real alternative to the liquid-in-glass (L-I-G) thermometer… Read more »

Calibrating gas custody transfer flow computer with the BetaGauge 330 pressure calibrator

Gas custody transfer flow computers that calculate flow by measuring the differential pressure across an office plate require special calibration to perform at optimum accuracy. In custody transfer applications where the buying and selling of commodities like natural gas is involved, calibration checks are performed frequently as a matter of fiduciary responsibility. For the purpose… Read more »

Your Best Electronic Screwdriver is a Loop Calibrator?

Screwdriver? Really? Yes, the LC-110H HART Loop Calibrator lets techs adjust and configure most of the HART functions of a smart transmitter right in the field. Need to zero your pressure transmitter? No problem, the LC-110H does it automatically and easily. Edit the tag ID? Yes, that, too! In fact, there’s likely no need to… Read more »

The Calibration & Maintenance of Smart Transmitters – I

This is the first of several articles on the calibration and maintenance of so-called smart transmitters. What, exactly is it that makes a transmitter smart? (Actually, this term can apply to a lot of instrumentation beyond just transmitters). I think there are a few important qualifying characteristics. High accuracy High reliability Use of digital technology… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 – Rechargeable Battery Pack

Wow! It’s one new thing after another… Most of our calibrators use replaceable and convenient Alkaline batteries either AA or 9V types. They’re readily available in all markets. But, for reasons of economy or ecology, some people prefer rechargeable batteries. We’ve sold these as an option for everything we make. Now, we have a new… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 has absolute pressure ranges

In June, we started shipping the BetaGauge 330 with available absolute pressure internal sensors. The 330 is now available with a 30 PSIA (2 barA) or a 150 PSIA (10 barA) internal sensor. Coupled with the 330’s built-in electric pump, this allows calibration down to about 20% of barometric pressure. If needed an external high… Read more »

Is It a Calibrator?

We (people actually in the calibration industry) often hear things being called calibrators that obviously aren’t. A great example is the Emerson HART(tm) communicator. No offense intended, but these types of devices aren’t calibrators, they are electronic “screwdrivers” that enable a technician or engineer to adjust the calibration of a device. Here are my defining… Read more »