ATEX Certification

MI was on vacation yesterday, so no post.

I was working on some ATEX label issues for one of our OEM customers today, so I thought I would mention that Martel Electronics Corp. is an ATEX certified manufacturer.

You might well ask, what the $&^%&$^% does that mean and why would I care?

Well, it means that we have been certified to be able to design, manufacture and service equipment that meets the very strict requirements of the ATEX standard for instrinsic safety. In other words, they can be safely used in a hazardous environment (one that is potentially explosive).

You should care because it’s way harder to get this kind of certification than it is to get ISO 9001. Material control and tracking is much tighter. You might say that it’s a SUPERset of the ISO standard.

Our certification is from KEMA. From their web site:

KEMA started life in 1927 as the Dutch electricity industry’s Arnhem-based test house. Originally just an abbreviation of the company’s full Dutch name, the letters K-E-M-A have since come to stand for much more than the testing of electrical equipment. While electrical safety testing and certification are still among KEMA’s core activities, today’s globally active company provides a host of independent applied research and consultancy services…

You can see a little picture of our certificate above. For more information, click on the contact page of our web site