BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 2

Q. How often do I need to change the batteries?

A. On the BetaGauge 330-150, we have tested the battery life by repeatedly cycling the pump to 150 PSI. Similar to the test for pump life, the cycle went to 150 PSI ten times and then rested for ten minutes.  This is a much higher duty cycle than normal use.

With this test, we were able to get more than 300 cycles to full pressure on a fresh set of Alkaline batteries.

If you are only going to lower pressures or are using the BetaGauge 330-30, it’s possible  to get more than 1,000 cycles on a fresh set of batteries.

I estimate that under heavy use of an average of 4 calibrations per day, the batteries would need replacement after about 2-1/2 weeks (12 working days).