BetaGauge 330 has absolute pressure ranges

BetaGauge330 Electric Pump Pressure Calibrator


In June, we started shipping the BetaGauge 330 with available absolute pressure internal sensors. The 330 is now available with a 30 PSIA (2 barA) or a 150 PSIA (10 barA) internal sensor.

Coupled with the 330’s built-in electric pump, this allows calibration down to about 20% of barometric pressure. If needed an external high vacuum source can be connected to achieve lower absolute pressures.

The new ranges offer the same ±0.025% of full scale accuracy (6 month specification) as the previously offered gauge ranges (30, 150 & 300 PSI).

Some of the other useful features of the 330 are

  • built-in loop calibrator (input and output
  • large multi-variable display
  • 24 VDC instrument power supply
  • automatic pressure switch test
  • available gas custody meter calibration kit
  • 17 engineering unit displays
  • external pressure module compatible

For a surprisingly low cost in a surprisingly small and lightweight package, the BetaGauge 330 has a lot to offer.