BetaLOG™ Data Logging Package

At the upcoming ISA EXPO 2009 in Houston, Texas, we’re introducing a new software package for data logging on the BetaGauge PI or BetaGauge PIR digital test gauges. The dates for the EXPO are October 6 through 8. Our booth number is 2316. Come see us.

BetaGauge PI Reference Class with MECP500 Pump

BetaGauge PI Reference Class with MECP500 Pump

Our customers already know how rugged, reliable and useful these gauges are. Now, they’re even more useful. Detailed information about the software and its capabilities can be found here.

Here are some highlights:

 • Ability to log both pressure and ambient temperature (UNIQUE).
 • Up to 8500 data points logged.
 • Data stored in industry standard spread sheet formats (CSV or Excel).
 • Multiple log runs stored in gauge
 • Demand (ad hoc) or Download (computer) configured log runs

Applications supported include:

 • Hydrostatic pressure testing
 • Leak detection
 • Transient pressure spike detection
 • Well head monitoring

You can ask your local Martel Distributor for a quote.