History of the BetaGauge – Part III

The BetaGauge PI was engineered as a completely new addition to the BetaGauge line in the form of a digital test gauge. Although it’s not strictly a calibrator, the use of the familiar BetaGauge name was judged to be a good marketing move.

By the way, the PI in the name is short for Pressure Indicator. This nomenclature serves well to distinguish the PI from the more mainstream calibrators as it doesn’t have a model number per se.

The PI offers typical performance for digital test gauges with an accuracy specification of ±0.05% of full scale and inclusive temperature compensation across a wide range of 0 to 50°C. We also have a Reference Class version of the gauge with an accuracy specification of ±0.04% of reading plus a “floor” specification of ±0.01% of full scale.

BetaGauge PI Reference Class with MECP500 Pump

BetaGauge PI Reference Class with MECP500 Pump

The PI is often paired up with an appropriate pressure pump from our line and sold as a kit with a decent carrying case, test hose and connector fitting. See the picture at left for an example.

Since the competition in the digital test gauge arena is pretty fierce (although mostly US companies), the pricing is pretty good for the performance and the accuracy is good enough for some types of calibrations and testing/monitoring applications.

The high points of the PI are:

·       Rugged housing

·       Large display

·       Bright backlight

·       Lots of engineering units

·       Ease of use

·       RS-232 serial port (standard)

·       Field calibration from the keypad

·       Long battery life

·       24 VDC option for panel mounting

·       Rear connection option for panel mounting

·       Large number of available ranges