History of the BetaGauge-Part IV

Martel is making history with the latest iteration of the BetaGauge, The model 330. This is the first handheld pressure calibrator with a built-in ELECTRIC pump to generate test pressure from high vacuum to 150 PSI (10 Bar/1000kPa).

We’re calling it fingertip calibration. All the tech needs to do is push the button. An electric pump does the rest.

Here are some highlights of this new product:

  1. It is lightweight and handheld.
  2. The pump is our own proprietary design for high efficiency. We have a PATENT PENDING on this design.
  3. It will generate up to 10 Bar / 150 PSI into a typical calibration volume.
  4. Battery life is long with more than 300 cycles to full pressure on one set of batteries.
  5. RTD port for support of mass flowmeter/computer calibration.
  6. External pressure port for connection of any of 29 ranges of BetaPort-P pressure modules.
  7. Generates both vacuum and pressure with the switch of a valve.
  8. Patented soft release vent valve for controlled venting of pressure.
BetaGauge 330 Data Sheet

BetaGauge 330 Data Sheet

We have gotten good press for this, too. It was featured in an article in the September issue of Control Magazine. Here is a link to the issue. Go to page 118.

We’re in the midst of beta testing now and expect regular shipments to begin at the first of 2009. With pricing less than all the competition and the convenience of electric pumping, we have high expectations for success.