Your Best Electronic Screwdriver is a Loop Calibrator?

Martel LC-110H HART Loop CalibratorScrewdriver? Really? Yes, the LC-110H HART Loop Calibrator lets techs adjust and configure most of the HART functions of a smart transmitter right in the field. Need to zero your pressure transmitter? No problem, the LC-110H does it automatically and easily. Edit the tag ID? Yes, that, too! In fact, there’s likely no need to carry around the bulky challenging communicator on a regular basis…

The Martel LC-110H mA (loop) calibrator is designed to take the loop calibrator class to the next level. The LC-110H differs from the standard LC-110 in that it incorporates HART communications and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands. This unique feature allows the LC-110H to be used as both a loop calibrator and communication tool.

In the communicator mode the user will be able to read basic device information, perform diagnostic tests, and trim the calibration on most HART enabled transmitters. In the past, this could only be done with a dedicated communicator, high-end multifunction calibrator costing thousands of dollars, or a laptop computer with HART modem. The LC-110H will allow many more technicians to service and support HART devices.

In addition to HART communications, we also gave the user the ability to get information out of the LC-110H. Need to quickly document the parameters of all the HART transmitters in your plant? Just add the BetaLOG HART software/cable to capture and upload to twenty configurations in either (.csv) or (.txt) format.

If you don’t need the HART capability, check out the LC-110 Precision Loop Calibrator. It features the same user friendly interface at about half the price.

Here’s a short list of everything you can do with Martel’s LC-110H loop calibrator: trim (DAC) output (4 to 20mA), set fixed current output, set LRV and URV, read device setup information, write short tag, write long tag, write descriptor, write message, and select PV unit. Don’t forget, the LC-110H can also be used as HART modem with software available from many third party suppliers if you need to tap into additional commands.