Custody Transfer – It's the Law

Did you know that the accuracy and validity of natural gas custody transfer metering is covered under the US Sarbanes Oxley law? I didn’t either until I read this informative post by Jim Cahill over at the Emerson Process Experts blog. Here’s my short take on what’s required to do a professional job at custody… Read more »

Martel Updates BetaGauge Calibrators

We have updated the very popular and powerful BetaGauge 311 and BetaGauge 321 Advanced Pressure Calibrators. The new models are the single range BetaGauge 311A and dual range BetaGauge 321A. What we didn’t change are the great performance and ease of use we already had. Here are the new features: Super rugged “Power-Tool-Tough” housing. We’re… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 for Custody Transfer Calibration

Many people don’t realize that we make a custody transfer flowmeter calibration kit for the BetaGauge 330-30. This adds a high range pressure module and LTP100A RTD probe to the standard calibrator. The integral pump and internal sensor are used for the differential calibration portion of the flowmeter. A high pressure external sensor is used… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 3

Q. Can the BetaGauge 330 be field recalibrated? A. Yes. The BetaGauge 330 is calibrated through the serial port like many Martel calibrators. Other than a computer with a terminal emulation program (we normally recommend HyperTerminal), a LEM232 serial communications cable is needed along with a URA-1 RTD adapter. Both of these can be purchased… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 1

Q. How long does the internal electric pump last? A. Under normal use the BetaGauge 330 internal pump can be expected to last a minimum of 5,000 cycles to full pressure before requiring a rebuild. Since the pump won’t normally always be cycled to full pressure (typically 150 PSI / 10 Bar / 100 kPa),… Read more »

Reference Class – The Best of Both Worlds

Some of our competitors like to brag that by offering a percent of reading accuracy specification, they give better down scale performance than our percent of full scale specification. The problem is, that’s really not true. For the case in point, we’re talking about digital test gauges. Their very nice gauge has a specification of… Read more »

BetaGauge Makes Pressure Switches a Snap

One of the common and more tedious jobs done in the calibration field is pressure switch testing. The new BetaGauge 330 actually makes this job easy and relatively quick. We have put in some special features for this particular task. When the pressure switch function is selected, the calibrator goes into a special high speed… Read more »

Multifunction Calibrator Uncertainty Calculation

I promised in the last post to discuss uncertainty calculations, so here we are. How do I calculate the uncertainty of a transmitter calibration using a multifunction calibrator? When using a multifunction calibrator, you normally provide the input (simulation) to the Unit Under Test (UUT) and measure the output of the UUT with the same… Read more »