Calibrator Uncertainty

When someone mentions calibrator uncertainty, they are talking about what we call accuracy in our specifications. To be strict about it, our accuracy specifications are inclusive of most or all errors. In scientific applications, you might see these all broken out. Typical examples are errors from linearity, hysteresis, ambient effects and others. In most cases… Read more »

A New Kind of Thermometer

In the current issue of Scientific American magazine, there is a short blurb about the invention of a new kind of thermometer that is able to interpret data directly tied to a fundamental number, the Boltzman constant. See the article here. Physicists like that kind of stuff. You know, a meter is the distance light… Read more »

History of the BetaGauge-Part IV

Martel is making history with the latest iteration of the BetaGauge, The model 330. This is the first handheld pressure calibrator with a built-in ELECTRIC pump to generate test pressure from high vacuum to 150 PSI (10 Bar/1000kPa). We’re calling it fingertip calibration. All the tech needs to do is push the button. An electric… Read more »

History of the BetaGauge – Part III

The BetaGauge PI was engineered as a completely new addition to the BetaGauge line in the form of a digital test gauge. Although it’s not strictly a calibrator, the use of the familiar BetaGauge name was judged to be a good marketing move. By the way, the PI in the name is short for Pressure… Read more »

History of the BetaGauge – Part I

Since Martel is introducing a new BetaGauge at the ISA Show in Houston (October 14-16), I thought it would be a good idea to give you a short history of the BetaGauge calibrator line. (Note, this blog was first posted on Friday, September 12th, but due to a technical glitch, it was lost). The immediate… Read more »

Basic Terminology

Sometimes it’s helpful to give definition to some basic terminology used in the calibration game. Here are a few to get started. Calibration – the application of a known value (electrical, mechanical, etc.) to a device and the determining that its output accurately represents the applied value. Note: sometimes this definition is modified to include any… Read more »

ATEX Certification

MI was on vacation yesterday, so no post. I was working on some ATEX label issues for one of our OEM customers today, so I thought I would mention that Martel Electronics Corp. is an ATEX certified manufacturer. You might well ask, what the $&^%&$^% does that mean and why would I care? Well, it… Read more »