Reference Class – The Best of Both Worlds

Some of our competitors like to brag that by offering a percent of reading accuracy specification, they give better down scale performance than our percent of full scale specification. The problem is, that’s really not true.

For the case in point, we’re talking about digital test gauges. Their very nice gauge has a specification of ±0.1 % of reading plus a minimum or floor error of ±0.02% of full scale. Our standard BetaGauge PI has a specification of ±0.05% of full scale. Here’s a chart so you can see how these gauges stack up.


So, the percent of reading does do better below 50% of scale, but above that, it’s no contest. AND, the normal use of gauges will be in the range above 50% of full scale.

However, if you do think you’ll need better down scale performance, why not look at the cost effective BetaGauge PIR Reference Class gauge? It offers better performance across the board at a comparable price. Here’s how it stacks up.

For more information about the BetaGauge PIR Reference Class gauge, please visit our web site.

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