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"How to" choose the right batteries for your calibrator

Most of our calibrators are designed to use standard replaceable Alkaline batteries. You know, the ones you can buy at the corner store. That’s a good choice because of the relatively high power density and mostly flat discharge curve of these cells. They start out with a high terminal voltage (1.5 V  or more). A… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 – Rechargeable Battery Pack

Wow! It’s one new thing after another… Most of our calibrators use replaceable and convenient Alkaline batteries either AA or 9V types. They’re readily available in all markets. But, for reasons of economy or ecology, some people prefer rechargeable batteries. We’ve sold these as an option for everything we make. Now, we have a new… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 2

Q. How often do I need to change the batteries? A. On the BetaGauge 330-150, we have tested the battery life by repeatedly cycling the pump to 150 PSI. Similar to the test for pump life, the cycle went to 150 PSI ten times and then rested for ten minutes.  This is a much higher… Read more »