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Calibrating gas custody transfer flow computer with the BetaGauge 330 pressure calibrator

Gas custody transfer flow computers that calculate flow by measuring the differential pressure across an office plate require special calibration to perform at optimum accuracy. In custody transfer applications where the buying and selling of commodities like natural gas is involved, calibration checks are performed frequently as a matter of fiduciary responsibility. For the purpose… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 has absolute pressure ranges

In June, we started shipping the BetaGauge 330 with available absolute pressure internal sensors. The 330 is now available with a 30 PSIA (2 barA) or a 150 PSIA (10 barA) internal sensor. Coupled with the 330’s built-in electric pump, this allows calibration down to about 20% of barometric pressure. If needed an external high… Read more »

Custody Transfer – It's the Law

Did you know that the accuracy and validity of natural gas custody transfer metering is covered under the US Sarbanes Oxley law? I didn’t either until I read this informative post by Jim Cahill over at the Emerson Process Experts blog. Here’s my short take on what’s required to do a professional job at custody… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 for Custody Transfer Calibration

Many people don’t realize that we make a custody transfer flowmeter calibration kit for the BetaGauge 330-30. This adds a high range pressure module and LTP100A RTD probe to the standard calibrator. The integral pump and internal sensor are used for the differential calibration portion of the flowmeter. A high pressure external sensor is used… Read more »