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BetaGauge 330 has absolute pressure ranges

In June, we started shipping the BetaGauge 330 with available absolute pressure internal sensors. The 330 is now available with a 30 PSIA (2 barA) or a 150 PSIA (10 barA) internal sensor. Coupled with the 330’s built-in electric pump, this allows calibration down to about 20% of barometric pressure. If needed an external high… Read more »

BetaLOG™ Data Logging Package

At the upcoming ISA EXPO 2009 in Houston, Texas, we’re introducing a new software package for data logging on the BetaGauge PI or BetaGauge PIR digital test gauges. The dates for the EXPO are October 6 through 8. Our booth number is 2316. Come see us. Our customers already know how rugged, reliable and useful these… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 for Custody Transfer Calibration

Many people don’t realize that we make a custody transfer flowmeter calibration kit for the BetaGauge 330-30. This adds a high range pressure module and LTP100A RTD probe to the standard calibrator. The integral pump and internal sensor are used for the differential calibration portion of the flowmeter. A high pressure external sensor is used… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 3

Q. Can the BetaGauge 330 be field recalibrated? A. Yes. The BetaGauge 330 is calibrated through the serial port like many Martel calibrators. Other than a computer with a terminal emulation program (we normally recommend HyperTerminal), a LEM232 serial communications cable is needed along with a URA-1 RTD adapter. Both of these can be purchased… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 2

Q. How often do I need to change the batteries? A. On the BetaGauge 330-150, we have tested the battery life by repeatedly cycling the pump to 150 PSI. Similar to the test for pump life, the cycle went to 150 PSI ten times and then rested for ten minutes.  This is a much higher… Read more »

BetaGauge 330 FAQ – 1

Q. How long does the internal electric pump last? A. Under normal use the BetaGauge 330 internal pump can be expected to last a minimum of 5,000 cycles to full pressure before requiring a rebuild. Since the pump won’t normally always be cycled to full pressure (typically 150 PSI / 10 Bar / 100 kPa),… Read more »

History of the BetaGauge-Part IV

Martel is making history with the latest iteration of the BetaGauge, The model 330. This is the first handheld pressure calibrator with a built-in ELECTRIC pump to generate test pressure from high vacuum to 150 PSI (10 Bar/1000kPa). We’re calling it fingertip calibration. All the tech needs to do is push the button. An electric… Read more »