BetaGauge 301 Single Sensor Pressure Calibrator

Great performance at an excellent price point

The 301 is a single pressure calibrator offering great performance at ±0.05% accuracy. It combines pressure with milliAmp and Voltage measurement capabilities, as well as built-in loop power supply to power transmitters under test. With an optional BPPA-100 adapter, the 301 can even use industry standard BetaPort-P high performance pressure modules. A large backlit display can be configured to show one, two or three variables. Another advanced feature not normally seen in this price range is the ability to easily perform switch tests. The calibrator automatically captures and displays set and reset values. Pressure readings can be displayed in a number of engineering units including PSI, inches of water (with selectable temperature compensation), Bar, mBar, cmH2O, kPa, and other including a user defined option. Other features include remote operation via RS-232 serial port; power from 4 AA alkaline batteries, standard carrying case and test leads. A range of pressure pumps and pump kits are also available for a full pressure calibration package. The BetaGauge 301 is supplied with carrying case, test leads, instruction manual, set of four AA alkaline batteries, and NIST certificate with data. Kits include the BetaGauge 301 Pressure Calibrator, carrying case, pneumatic pump, connections and fittings.