BetaGauge PIR-PRO Reference Class Digital Test Gauge

When accuracy really counts, the BetaGauge PIR-PRO Reference Class digital test gauge is the one to count on. With best in the business accuracy of ±0.04% of reading ±0.01% of full scale, nothing beats it for the money.

It’s the same rugged, easy to use package as the standard BetaGauge PI-PRO with fast and intuitive keypad controls and a big bright display.

Available in 8 ranges from 30 psi full scale to 10,000 psi full scale, the BetaGauge PIR-PRO can display readings in the user’s choice of any of 18 standard engineering units plus 1 custom user-defined unit.

The 5-digit, 0.65″ high LCD display and companion percent-of-range bar graph provide an easy to read display, even from a distance. The sample rate can be user adjusted to match the measurement required. A power saving mode maximizes battery life to 2,000 hours. Other features include MIN/MAX function, Auto Power Off and backlight control.

Using optional BetaLOG-PI software, a PIR-PRO becomes a high performance pressure data logger capable of recording over 9500 data points over periods ranging from seconds to days long depending upon configuration. Pressure data is uploaded to the user’s PC in .CSV or Excel formats.

A protective rubber boot is standard to help protect the BetaGauge PIR- PRO from damage when dropped. It’s also available in a self-contained calibration kit, including a hand pressure pump, and associated fittings.