BetaLOG-PI Data Logging Software

Easy to use high performance answer for your pressure data logging applications

BetaLOG-PI data logging software is the high performance answer for pressure data logging applications. Whether you need to log data on one BetaGauge PI-PRO or 100, this easy to use, low cost application handles your requirements. The software also works with the ultra-accurate, BetaGauge PIR-PRO Reference Class gauge. BetaLOG configures the gauge to operate in demand ad-hoc mode (field configuration or computer configuration) for complete flexibility in configuring your data logging application.

But, it’s not only the BetaLOG software that’s smart. The BetaGauge PI-PRO is smart too. With its high speed 10 readings per second measurement ability, you’ll get the kind of accuracy you need for your application. It’s ideal for applications like hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels and monitoring of well head pressures.

When set to Demand mode data logging, you can easily set up and initiate data logging in the field using the BetaGauge PI series keypad with a few easy key presses. Did we mention in the field? That’s were the BetaGauge PI series shines with its rugged enclosure, protective boot, durable Lexan® faceplate, IP 65 rating, and extremely long battery life. It is also CSA and ATEX rated for use in hazardous areas.

Once the data is logged in the gauge non-volatile memory, a quikc serial connection allows the BetaLOG to retrieve the data and store in on your computer in a variety of formats:

  • Plain ASCII text (.txt)
  • Comma delimited test (.csv)
  • Microsoft™ Excel Spreadsheet (requires Excel 2002 or later)
  • Microsoft™ Excel templates come with the BetaLOG application or you can create your own