BetaPort-P Digital Pressure Modules

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued. Please consult the factory for complete details.  Consider using the Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules moving forward. They will talk to the new Martel/Beta calibrators (DMC-1410, MC-1210, MC-1010, BetaGauge 330, BetaGauge 321A, BetaGauge 311A, BetaGauge 301, and 3001 Bench Calibrator).

Martel Electronics offers 27 standard pressure modules, covering gauge, vacuum, absolute, compound, and differential measurements. All modules are directly compatible with the BetaGauge II. With the Model BPPA-100 Pressure Module Adapter, all modules (with the exception of the DC measurement model) are fully compatible with the Martel DMC-1410, MC-1210, and MC-1010 Multi-Function Calibrators, the BetaGauge 330, 321A, 311A, and 301 Pressure Calibrators, the Martel Electronics 3001 Laboratory/Bench Standard.

Pressure ranges may be displayed in any of 15 user selectable units. Water density correction factors of 4°C, 20°C, or 60°F can be selected for either water column unit. The choice of pressure unit may be restricted by limitations on resolution of the instrument display of the particular calibrator the module is used with. For optimum mechanical strength, external pressure connection is made by a 1/8″ FNPT 316SS connector welded to a stainless steel metal plate.

BPPA-100 Image

BPPA-100 Image